Let's Draw Endangered Species! : )

We can create endearing, beloved characters inspired by species which need our help now.

If you can draw, paint, or render cool characters inspired by endangered species -- and would like to post your images here to publicize both the plight of the actual animals and your skills (while retaining copyright of course) -- please send us a post. Tell us the history of your character, a bit of imaginative background, and something about yourself and what inspired you to select your referenced species.

We'll post characters and stories as often as possible. Perhaps in time this blog will become a project with broader lasting impact like Sketchtravel or Tortoro Forest.

Maybe ten to fifteen years from now there will have been so many blockbuster films based upon the plights of actual endangered species that a bit of the proceeds from such projects were donated to funding wildlife refuges, zoo renovations, and wildlife reintroduction programs...?

It can be done. We have the skills. : )

Sources of inspiration:

"The World's Largest Archive of Animal Sounds and VIDEO" like a freakin' zoo in your monitor:

"Do your work with your whole heart and you will succeed - 
there is so little competition."